There’s nothing in this post that will tell you anything you haven’t already noticed. You’ve seen it on movie screens, television, tablets, and cell phones. Video is one of the most popular and effective form of entertainment, education, and even communication.

But it hasn’t always been this way. And the tectonic shift happened faster than anyone expected.

Just 20 years ago, in the era of Napster and the Dancing Baby, online video was still in its infancy. Videos were watched and shared via email in short clips at low resolutions. Back then, 3% of Americans had access to broadband internet, which limited the growth of a young industry.

5 years later, the very first YouTube video was uploaded, high-speed internet and social media became commonplace, and the very first smartphones made their appearance.  

What began as pirated movies, dancing 3d models, and home videos from the zoo has turned into a billion dollar industry thanks to huge jumps in technology and ingenuity.  

In 2016, video accounted for 73% of all internet traffic, and the trends show that that number will reach 82% within the next few years. Music videos, marketing videos, live videos, explainer videos, short films, motion infographics; they’re everywhere now.

This goes beyond just traffic numbers.

Companies that use video in their marketing see 41% more organic traffic than ones that don’t.

A viewer retains 85% more with video than with just text.

43% of people hope that companies will use video even more in their marketing.

The simple truth is, our own bias aside, video has become one of the most important tools that companies (small and large) often overlook. In 2019, it will be more important than ever before to keep up with the rest of your market by using this important tool.

Now that’s been established, it’s time to answer the next important question: How much does video cost?

And what kind of company should you hire?

Kevin Fleming

Kevin Fleming

Kevin Fleming is a post-production and motion graphics wizard in Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects, Maxon Cinema 4D and more. With 13 years of experience in post-production, he also has a background in live broadcasting and production.

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