“What does Thought Culture mean?” is inevitably one of the first questions we’re asked by someone we’ve met for the first time. Honestly, we don’t blame them. The two words seen together invoke so many different images in each person’s mind, it’s difficult to land on its designed purpose.

What is Thought Culture?  The short answers are always “a visual narrative strategy company” or “a Dallas digital media company.” But if we had some poor sod’s undivided attention for a couple of hours, the answer would be much much longer.  So I guess, right now, that poor sod is you.

The story of Thought Culture doesn’t begin when Kevin “KP” Porier and Kevin Fleming met in a college film club in 2007, or when Mike Mills started a film program at OU in 2008. Our story starts long after the “Kevins” started “companies” called K2 Stills + Motion and First Contact, and after Mike started Push Play Pictures.

The story truly begins when Kevin Porier was sitting in a barely converted garage with some friends, trying to think of a good name for his video production company. He needed something that lived up to what his company should be: able to influence thoughts and emotions with images, has a close and reciprocating relationship with the music and art communities, stays on top of trends in every visual medium, and treats clients and crew with the care and respect they deserve.

He kept coming back to the words “Thought Culture.”  A play on “pop culture,” but something deeper than a song of the week or the latest hairstyles. Something introspective, investigating the reasons why a beautiful shot or a well-placed cut can have such a profound effect on a viewer and how they can influence an industry. The words fit, and then they stuck.  

It was in that same barely converted garage that KP met Jack Steven, the A&R man with a resume too long to fit here, who encouraged him to continue on this path.  

In 2017 everyone met in the same room for the first time and a plan was formed; And with the help of Everett New, the plan was set into motion. With KP’s eye and experience, Fleming’s editing and motion graphics talents, Mike’s writing and directing skills, Jack’s industry acumen and leadership, and Everett’s legal and business knowledge, Thought Culture staked its claim in Dallas and began to build its reputation.

Thought Culture is young, but it has proven to be an organization that strives to impress, stands behind its product, and aims to push the creative envelope and the boundaries of our own knowledge and experience.

That is what Thought Culture means.  

Kevin Fleming

Kevin Fleming

Kevin Fleming is a post-production and motion graphics wizard in Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects, Maxon Cinema 4D and more. With 13 years of experience in post-production, he also has a background in live broadcasting and production.


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