Why should I hire Thought Culture?

We love this question. We could go on and on about our track record with former and current clients, our industry experience, our communication, or our competitive rates…but the real answer is that we treat every project as if our name is going to be on it which means that we give every project the time, energy, attention, creative passion, and love that we would give the films we create on the side.  

Wait, you make movies?

We’re a full turnkey media company but we started the company to be creative and we love our jobs the most when we’re part of making a film or a show.

Does that mean Thought Culture projects are going to be more important than mine?

Not in the slightest. Pre-production for our projects take a long time and we schedule around client work. Even when there are possible conflicts, we work with a growing team of contractors, so odds are we’ll have the people ready to get the job done.

How much would a project cost?

The price of a video can vary, depending on a long list of factors including the amount of crew required, the complexity of the vision, and how soon it is needed. The easy answer is “What is your budget?” We strive to match your vision with crew and equipment that stays within your price range.

How long does it take to make a video/website/etc?

It depends on what kind of project it is and the requirements for the project. It stands to reason that the more complex a project is, the longer it will take to complete. We make it a priority to meet the goals that you have, but by communicating with you about time requirements early and often so deadlines can be set.

Are there any extra fees after a project is completed?

None at all. The invoice you receive after consultation is the budget we stick to. However, if the scope of the project changes and required more resources than originally anticipated (including more cameras or more time spent on revisions), we will only move forward after your approval.  

Do I own my video when it is completed?

Yes! Thought Culture only asks for a limited license of your project to use in our marketing. The tools we use to create your product, on the other hand (project files, footage, etc.) are typically owned by Thought Culture. There are exceptions, feel free to ask us about them.

How long is a “half day” and a “full day?”

A “half day” is up to 4 hours and a “full day” is up to 8 hours not including breaks or transportation time.

Where can we film?

Anywhere! But there’s a catch: we have to have written permission to film there, even if it’s in your own kitchen (it’s an insurance thing). We make it easy work with a location release form. If you don’t know where to film, keep in mind that we do offer location scouting services as part of our pre-production process and that some locations may require additional fees to use.

Can Thought Culture write my script or flesh out a loose concept?

Yes! We are a full turnkey digital media company, which means you can give us your idea, and a bit later you will have a finished product. We do have a list of questions we like to ask to translate your vision as specifically as we can get, and we can either take it from there independently or keep you involved throughout the entire process.

Can I give direction to your editor live while they work?

We love working with clients who want to be a close part of the project! “Co-pilot edits” speed up the post-production turnaround by cutting down on the drafts and the back-and-forth. However, since it pulls our editors away from other work, we have to charge extra for it.

What does the draft process look like for a video?

For a normal edit, we use an online service that allows the client to leave timecode (and spatially) specific notes to most accurately convey the changes they’d like to make. You can even use this service on your smartphone! We usually wrap a project after two (or less) revisions, but additional revisions are available at an hourly rate.

Can you make a car explode or turn someone into a bear or create an alien abduction scene?

TNT or popping like a balloon? Grizzly or teddy? X-Files or Mars Attacks style aliens? The answer to all of these questions is ultimately “yes, but…” which can be followed by anything from “it will take some time” to “we’re going to need a bigger boat.” We love a challenge! And if a project requires a special effects team or stuntmen, we’ll take care of it.

I have a nephew that is in college for media production, why shouldn't I just pay him in pizza for a video?

Tell your nephew we’re proud of him, and make sure we get his resume. Hungry new talent is necessary in this business, but it takes an experienced team to not only understand what you want, but know how to capture it at the quality you deserve.  

What happens if you disagree with a client?

First and foremost, a client’s decision is final. If, and only if, we feel like our experience and talent can be used to take a project in a better direction, we will make our recommendation right away but only once. The level of our creative input is determined at the beginning of the process, so a client should never be ambushed by it.

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