Thought Culture began with a passion for video as an art form, so we have insight into the creative process from inspiration to execution. We bring to your project the eyes, ears, craft, and the tools to make your vision visible.

Music Reimagined

A good music video is a mountaintop experience.  But the sheer number of music videos on music apps and social media have created a “fast food” consume-and-forget culture.

What’s an artist to do?

Get out in front with startling imagery and graphics that pulse to your beat.  Thought Culture delights in making music videos come to life.  We create inventive visuals that make the audience stop scrolling, make a connection, hit the share button.  Thought Culture brings your music to life in a thoughtful way to make a cultural statement your audience will want to experience again and again.

Story in Motion

Thought Culture knows what goes into making a good story, from concept to finished project. No matter where you are ion your narrative, we have the skills and equipment to take you from the title card to the closing credits. Whether your project is a short or a feature-length film, look to us for a wide range of services, including location scouting, casting, directing, props management, cinematography, continuity, editing, and effects.

Life Frame by Frame

We share a passion for celebrating a cause, exposing an injustice, or shining a light on an out-of-way corner of the world. We can help you put any subject of interest to words and pictures, capturing scenes with dynamic camera-work, telling a story with probing interviews and commentaries and wrapping it up with inspired editing. Let us help you document what a fascinating world it can be.

Respite Trailer

Less Love | Horse Race (ft. Kali Ra)

SPCCMP | Surrender to the Night

We The Ghost | Sinking Suspicion
(Official Video)

Criminal Birds | Flattery

Bowling For Soup | Circle

We Matter | Cure for Paranoia

Normanton Street | Angelene

Wondernaut | No One But Me
(Official Video)


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